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     Patricia Garcia Making

       the Grade  at ASU

Patricia Garcia, a 2020 Buena graduate and recipient of the Education Foundation of Sierra Vista scholarship, is on her way to fulfilling her dream to earn a degree in Film and Television Production at Arizona State University.  Patricia told EFOFSV, “I've had countless friends and family members tell me how difficult college is going to be, and how much more dedication it takes; they weren't kidding! However, I was lucky enough to have amazing professors and connect with other students this semester, and finished my first semester with all A's. If there's anything I've learned from this semester, it's that what you get out of these classes depends on the effort you put into it.”


 Patricia is excited to have been chosen to work as a Production Assistant at ASU Marketing Hub this spring; an excellent opportunity to expand her experience in the film industry. ``None of this would've been possible without the scholarship from EFOFSV, and I thank you for your continued support in my academic endeavors.”


Your financial help is needed to provide a deserving 2021 Buena High School graduate with the same educational opportunity that Patricia has enjoyed.   Your support will be greatly appreciated by Buena High School graduates!

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